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Music Of Destruction: Write's.  Dreams In Darkness

The overall atmosphere on this track is quite dark and melancholic and the drumming, bass, guitar work and vocals are very good. I also get a deep sense of emotional catharsis as well that gives the track a real sense of authenticity. There is a lot of melancholy and sadness on this track and the piano melodies and ambient melodies

Sight Of Luna

The Band just released there very fist single requiem. 

track review

symphonic dark atmosphere

absolutely loves atmospheric black metal?  I can see myself really getting into this band as the aesthetics and ideology that is being presented here, is something that interests me greatly.
Endowed with contemporary music and style they reconstructed their music along with gothic metal expression and a passion for artistry that has led to them creating very original music.

Slave Pit

we are currently working on our new album.
which should be ready by the end of this year
or the beginning of 2021
for now we have fininshed our main 2 songs
one is with the special guest on vocals mr. Tony Dolantoo from the legendary band Venom inc and the second the main song with the upcoming title for our album Tomb Of Pain we will start with the recordings in the september or October for now. we still don`t know how many songs will be included. we know one thing and thats is we change our music now agressive brutal death thrash metal. not the old school thrash metal like massacre on the battlefield.

love and respect Sashko from Slave Pit

Sight Of Luna

Way back in 2008, we started with gothic metal influences only but when we came back to the scene recently, we decided to incorporate contemporary elements aside from gothic metal, our music style now consists of progressive, metalcore and gothic metal influences. We wouldn’t want to sound like everybody else. So we honestly consider our style as Avant-Garde Metal, since we are into experimental and everything. Some consider our sound as Gothic Metal since we have the contrast of death/ black metal style and opera vocals, which is okay.

-Shiela Zamora

Vox (growls

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